Assume the (right) Position


How does it feel on those longer rides – back ache a little? Maybe your neck, shoulders or knees…..and what about the pins and needles in your hands and fingers.

Perhaps you’ve changed your bike and the new set up just doesn’t feel right? Maybe it’s time for a full physical assessment. 

With a busy 2015 mapped out ahead of us, we got in touch with Mark Harvey from Take3 and booked ourselves and bikes in for a full Retul fit.

The first thing that dawns on you entering Mark’s studio is that they only bikes there are his, or his clients. It’s clear this is not a bike shop and there is no hidden agenda to sell you something. Just a love for the sport and desire to help customers progress.

The session takes around 2.5 hours and starts literally in the table where the physical assessment starts before moving on to your shoes and cleat position before you get anywhere near the bike. Posture, flexibility, symmetry and stability are all taken into consideration together with any previous or current injury/problem which you might be experiencing.

Your bike is then secured into a turbo trainer and Mark attaches 8 sensors to your body which feed back to his motion capture software, then it’s spinning to get an initial reading. 

His initial focus is on setting up there back of the bike, the height and angle of the saddle and how far forward or aft it moves. You soon realise from the sensor readings that the smallest of changes to one variable has a much wider impact on your overall set up, and Mark methodically works through these until you are in the best possible position for what you are looking to achieve. We’re both looking to build comfort in endurance rides, but many of his other clients are riding at a competitive level and their set up will reflect the discipline.

After numerous adjustments concentration moves to the front of the bike, and both Damien and I are simply too stretched out. Stem length is changed for both of us and our hands feel better positioned almost immediately.

At the end of the evening we both leave having made a number of changes to bikes which we have covered several 1,000’s of miles on, and ‘tinkered’ with our own set ups along the way. How will it feel when we get out on the road again proper?

Since the fitting it’s pretty much been snow or black ice out there and the turbo has been the order of the day, but we’ve managed to get 75 miles in this weekend see here. The verdict first time out……it felt different, but it felt better. Thanks Mark!

Take3 are offering a generous 20% discount for fitting to anyone who signs up to ride an Allez event in 2015 – Contact Mark directly either through the website or call at 01235 530439  …