Feeling Hungry?

Damien’s secret weapon! Consume cold from the jersey pocket by the slice to slowly release energy and believed  to contain traces of spaghetti bolognaise and eggs. Nothing equine here…

There are countless column inches written on the subject of nutrition and how its best consumed pre, post and during the cycling events.

We’ve compiled a selection of helpful links at the base of this blog, and would encourage you to consider you own preparation carefully.  After all, we’re all individual and the last thing you want to do on an event day is try something untested which you might to struggle to digest..or worse!

Some of us find a banana their inflight snack of choice, whilst others find that banana’s lay heavily if they have already stocked up with a slow release porridge breakfast. 

Whatever works for you, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of simply stuffing yourself with carbs on the night before and skipping the regular maintenance which your body will need on the day.

For our part, we’ll make sure that there are plenty of good top-up foods available for you on the day, whether you favour malt loaf, flap jack, cereal bars or bananas.

Our feed station will also be stocked with Science in Sports drinks to help your digestion further and keep you hydrated. Make sure you start drinking early and refill you bottles this page.

Happy eating.

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