Helmets – it’s a No Brainer

I feel drawn to write something up as I still cannot believe the number of people who still choose not to wear a helmet. It scares me..

Over a two month period this summer, three cycling friends have had unfortunate ‘offs’ at greatly varying speeds. Now I firmly believe that without helmet protection – at least one of them would now at best be learning to walk again, if still with us at all.

Hitting the tarmac head first would do that to you….notwithstanding broken collarbone, whiplash and a significant loss of skin suffered between the three.

“Don’t think you can decide which part of your body is going to hit the ground hardest, It doesn’t work like that. Looking at the damage to my helmet, I’m certain that without it, I would not be here to tell the tale” Alan Jones – Blue Helmet

“I’m missing the Prudential 100 and still having physio to get properly fixed having been diagnosed with a good case of whiplash” Graham Armit – White Helmet  

So take a close look at the photo’s below – do you think you would walk away?

It’s a no brainer……protect yours and strap a helmet on…