Numbers – What Numbers?

Continuing on our ‘keeping it green’ theme we were talking about rider numbers whilst out riding this weekend.

Personally I hate ‘cable tying’ them to my nicely cleaned bike. So we got to thinking what we really need them for.

Emergency number? Well no…we have one of the best timing solutions available with adhesive helmet chips on which we can print the contact number.

Event photos? Well no….we’re not interested in charging you for photos. As always we take photos and post them on our website. They might  not be professional and you might not always find one, but if you do just download it for free. There have been some pretty decent free snaps over the years.

Food stations ? Well no…..whilst we don’t want to dish out free malt-loaf to every cyclist in Buckinghamshire we trust people….and heck if they come and ride our next event they’re welcome. As is any cyclist looking for water.

So there it is. Hundreds of plastic cable ties (as ephemeral as a mayfly) plus unnecessary toner ink and laminating plastic saved.

Your number and our emergency number will be printed into the timing chip this year. Just bring your helmet with you when signing in and you and we’ll stick it straight on!

Now we’re really going green. Numbers – who needs em?