Weather Getting You Down?

Struggling to get the miles in? A perennial problem with our moist, dark, cold spring, but keep telling yourself – It’s not just distance, its quality that counts.

So what about jumping on a Turbo trainer. Are they really ‘masochist only’ soulless contraptions best at home in a torture chamber, or your early season saviour?

Come on, as a cyclist you already embrace a certain level of torture. Most folk only grow to despise the trainer because of the boredom factor…or perhaps the fact that there is literally no let-up or coasting behind somebody who is prepared to take the wind!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We like a structured, challenging, motivating download or DVD to keep us keep focussed and there are plenty to choose from. If a thrash metal soundtrack does it for you there is always the Sufferfest, or perhaps a motivational ‘boost’ from Graham Street at Cyclosport who will kick your butt in a 30 minutes HIT session.

But then there is 3LC…..

You don’t need a heart rate monitor, you don’t need a power meter, you don’t even need a cadence monitor – Just a basic turbo trainer, a PC or DVD player and a very absorbent towel. That’s literally all you need to train with Manx cycling royalty including the Missile himself.

There are training DVD’s covering road racing, sprinting, time trailing and for extra fun climbing. Also pay per view sessions and fully structured training packaging including a specific 5 week sportive plan.

Check out the demo video – “it’s not about number crunching, it’s not about watts, it’s about character…”